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HEYNE BOGUT pushes the edge of contemporary fashion with functional, sophisticated pieces that travel seamlessly between formal and casual, with a strong textile based design concept that defies the mercurial nature of passing trends. Design, quality and utility are the three core brand values with respect to craftsmanship and a blend of tradition and inventiveness.

Founded in 1999, HEYNE BOGUT is an independent company based in Philadelphia. We make our clothing in a studio located in a 150 year old former mill that now houses a thriving artist's community. We are proud to be part of bringing textile manufacturing back to the mill and invested in supporting the talented, creative workforce that is Philadelphia. Heyne Bogut's partnership of married couple Paul Heyne and Karen Bogut works off the synergy of our passion to create together. Our desire is to modernize hand crafted textiles by combining them with relevant contemporary fashion

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This video shares Heyne Bogut’s story and creative process through words and visuals. They share their love for Philadelphia and why they decided to have their business there and the importance of collaboration with other creative individuals who: live, work and go to school in Philadelphia. Their process of textile manipulation transforms their fashion into art. Aired: 09/14/16


Set inside the historic Stehli Silk Mill in Lancaster, HEYNE BOGUT has teamed up with contemporary dance company TORI LAWRENCE + CO. on a short dance film. The film features clothing by HEYNE BOGUT, choreography by Tori Lawrence, cinematography by Chris Landy, and original music by Peter Adams. Check out the trailer for the film here!

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